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Application of adhesive tape in automotive industry

Die-cutting products are widely used in the electronic industry, mechanical processing industry, food industry, medical industry, packaging industry, and so on. The most used tape die-cutting products are in the automotive industry.

Automobile engine compartment belt die-cutting application

The automobile engine compartment is the heart of the whole car, a variety of systems, sensors, and other important components, tape die-cutting products are widely used in the sealing and buffering place. Car flash: waterproof, improved shading next to the hood: heat insulation, noise protection
Engine seal Battery seal: absorb vibration, prevent object collision noise
Car headlights: waterproof, improve shading
Fog lamp: waterproof, improve shading
Corner sensor & Corner camera: dustproof, waterproof.

Automotive interior die-cutting products

The modern car interior is characterized by high comfort, various styles, and abundant functions. Interior application die-cutting products are more abundant, more refined, and constantly updated car control systems and dashboards.
Indoor lamp: dustproof, absorb vibration, improves shading
Inside steam lamp map lamp: dust, vibration absorption, improve shading
Central control system LCD: dustproof, fill gaps, absorb impact, prevent object collision sound
Instrument panel: dustproof, fill the gap, improve shading
LED: dustproof, fill gaps, enhance shading
CDMD player: dustproof, airtight, fills the gap, absorb impact
Central console box: fill the gap, absorb vibration, prevent noise, prevent object collision sound
Horn: fill gaps, prevent sound distortion, prevent object collision sound, improve air tightness
Handrails: prevent noise and absorb impact

Automobile tail die-cutting products

In addition to driving before, the car tail die-cutting application is also very important. Water resistance and weather resistance of all kinds of headlights, floodlights, sensors, and cameras are very strict.
Brake light: waterproof, improve shading
Stoplight reverse light flash: waterproof, improve shading
Reversing device camera: dustproof and waterproof
Edge sensor: dustproof, waterproof
Around the exhaust pipe: heat shield, insulation
Gasoline tank insulator: heat shield, absorb vibration

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