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Application of adhesive tape in the lithium battery industry

Adhesive tape has a wide range of applications in the lithium battery industry. 
Common lithium battery tape and lithium-electric protective film tape are equipped with various substrates with different glue, primary coatings and isolators, with different characteristics to meet various different need.

Battery tape classification

Lithium battery tape by base material: PET, PI, Bopp
Lithium battery tapes by adhesive system: acrylate (acrylic) series, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive series, rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive
Lithium battery tapes by application: termination tapes, PACK tapes, protective film tapes, lug tapes, high-temperature tapes, fixing tapes, removable tapes, double-sided tapes

Lithium battery tape

  • Cell termination tape. Used for terminating and insulating cylindrical and square, small and medium lithium electronic batteries and large power lithium electronic battery cells, etc., to terminate and prevent punctures in the lug and winding positions.
  • PACK High-Temperature Tape. Used for sealing the edges and bottom insulation of steel, aluminum, cylindrical, soft pack, and power cell assemblies of lithium batteries and for fixing bundles.
  • Lug tape. Used for lithium battery steel case, aluminum case, soft pack, cylindrical, and other battery lug parts. Wraps the solder joints of ultrasonic welding to prevent the solder joints from piercing the diaphragm and causing a short circuit of the rolled core; high-temperature resistance, electrolyte corrosion resistance; prevents the increase of internal resistance of the battery.
  • Mara tape. Black, red, and blue adhesive tape for the top and bottom side of cylindrical batteries, are used in the PACK process for all types of batteries.
  • Fiber tape. The special pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has excellent long-lasting adhesion and special properties, excellent alkali resistance, high tensile strength and resistance to deformation, excellent self-adhesion, insulation, thermal conductivity, and high-temperature resistance. For strapping and protection of small power batteries.
  • Masking Tape. Mainly used for top sealing in the production process of liquid injection of electric cores, with good fit and high-temperature resistance. Applications. Surface protection Insulation Fixing

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