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Adhesive tapes in the LED industry

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape, also called thermally conductive tape, is made of acrylic polymer mixed with thermally conductive ceramic powder, coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth and compounded with silicone adhesive, with high thermal conductivity and insulation properties, and a certain degree of flexibility, compressibility, conformability, strong adhesion, and a wide range of temperature resistance.

Why LED Industry Use Adhesive Tapes

  • Easy installation and increased productivity
  • Alternative to traditional screw fixing for better heat dissipation and reduced weight
  • Easy to customize
  • The heat dissipation effect is much more pronounced than the general heat dissipation stickers, which greatly improves the life of the components and is the first choice for some high-end electronic products that require thermal conductivity.
  • The thermal conductivity is high and stable, and its life span is longer than that of ordinary thermal double-sided stickers, which can work for a minimum of 5 years at room temperature (80-120 degrees).
  • High thermal conductivity. Superb heat transfer, thermal conductivity, and heat dissipation. Thermal conductivity 0.8-1.0W/m.k, solving the problem of difficult operation of loose thermal conductive paste, uneven coating, and overflowing glue causing bad products.
  • Anti-aging. The thermal conductive double-sided adhesive work environment is generally in high heat, high temperature, temperature changes, and rich in ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is required to be able to resist low temperatures (below -20℃) and high temperatures (above +120℃), and at the same time to resist perennial exposure to UV light. Work in a variety of complex environments and not thereby cause a reduction in thermal conductivity.
  • Alternative to mechanical work such as riveting. When traditional LED assembly is subject to labor cost considerations, process reduction and product improvement are the only options available to the LED industry. More and more LED companies are thinking of using thermally conductive double-sided tape to replace traditional mechanical work such as rivets and screws.
  • Shock absorption function. The thermally conductive double-sided adhesive is made by fully inflating the acrylic (acrylic) substrate with air foam, which has anti-vibration and shock-absorbing functions.

How To Use Adhesive Tapes In LED industry

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive fixing lamp board.
With the booming development of the LED lighting industry, especially in recent years in the technology innovation, high-power LEDs are more and more popular, LED heat is also more and more, and the temperature is also higher and higher, so thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is particularly important before most of the LED lamps to take the way is to use thermal conductive silicone grease coating on the PCB aluminum substrate and then fixed by screws or card spring, etc. In addition, you can also paste the thermally conductive silicone film between the PCB board and the heat sink is also fixed by screws or card springs. To sum up, the general thermal conductive material is difficult to lead with both thermal conductivity and good adhesion role, thermal conductive double-sided adhesive came out completely solves this problem; at the same time, the convenience of the operation of the thermal conductive double-sided adhesive, excellent cost performance, is also the thermal conductive double-sided adhesive in the LED lighting industry and LED TV a large number of important reasons for use.

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive for use on top of LED fluorescent lamps and long light bars.
The thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is applied between the PCB board of the LED fluorescent lamp and the heat sink aluminum and can be pressed with a little force.
It also replaces the use of screws or clamping springs and is simple and convenient to use, which helps to improve production efficiency.

Application of thermally conductive double-sided adhesive in spotlights.
Place the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive between the spotlight PCB and the heat sink, press firmly and the heat sink is firmly fixed to the PCB.

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape for use on top of IC heat sinks.
Thermally conductive adhesive tape is the most effective method of fixing in the field of IC heat sinks, professionally used for bonding heat sink and chip double-sided stickers, LED is more convenient to use, put the LED and heat sink between the aluminum on the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive, in a little force press can be.
The thermal conductivity effect is more significant than the general thermal conductivity adhesive, replacing the fixing with screws, which can achieve the most effective heat dissipation.

Thermal conductive tape for TV applications.
Two major problems in TV backlighting: 1. light decay; 2. heat transfer, heat conduction, and heat dissipation
Thermally conductive double-sided tape is used for the thermal conduction of LED chips and aluminum substrates to solve the problem of heat generation in LED lighting.
Facilitate the thermal conductivity connection of LED chips and heat sinks, solving the problems of heat dissipation paste and thermal conductivity paste, uneven coating, overflow glue resulting in defective products, etc.


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