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Adhesive tapes in the appliance industry

The traditional screw-rivet connection is becoming less and less common in today's home appliance applications. Instead, it is replaced by a bonding method with many advantages, because the bonding method of connection has many advantages such as speed, convenience, and time-saving.
The joints are tough: absorption capacity to avoid stress concentration and good impact resistance.
Bonding of different materials: avoiding electrochemical reactions between materials and absorbing the stresses arising from thermal expansion and contraction
Bonding thin materials: reduces costs and maintains the integrity of the material.
Both bonding and sealing: increased efficacy and ease of construction.
Beautiful appearance: no welding deformation, no protrusions, no scars.

Adhesive Tape For Oven Panel Bonding

  • The bonding of oven panels has strict high requirements for the temperature resistance of the adhesive tape. The double-sided adhesive has an outstanding ability to withstand temperatures of up to 260°C in the short term (a few hours) and up to 140°C in the production period and has excellent shear strength even at high temperatures.
  • This pressure-sensitive double-coated adhesive has an all-acrylic structure for a strong and long-lasting bond. It is recognized by users for its ability to adhere faithfully and securely to oven panels despite the high temperatures and high frequency of work over long periods.
  • Due to the frequent use of the oven, it is easy to get greasy and often needs to be cleaned with detergent. 3M VHB 9469 double-coated adhesive also has good water resistance and excellent solvent resistance to protect against external factors.

Adhesive Tape For Bonding Washing Machine Components

  • 3M 4930 double-coated adhesive, foam base, VHB series tape, thickness: 0.4mm/0.64mm/1.1m.
  • Remove the release paper from the back of the double-sided adhesive and stick the double-sided adhesive to the plastic panel.
  • VHB double-sided adhesive tape for washing machines, in addition to strong adhesion, is waterproof, moisture-proof, and solvent-resistant, 3M VHB tape is an all-acrylic structure with super-strong adhesive double-sided tape, which can be effectively sealed to isolate moisture and most solvents.
  • The 3M 4930 foam-based double-coated adhesive tape is a unique foam that acts as an excellent cushioning material to evenly disperse the forces and resist vibration and noise during the operation of the washing machine. This avoids problems such as material deformation and metal fatigue caused by the concentration of stress on a few points when using mechanical connections.
  • 3M 4930 double-sided adhesive is environmentally friendly in accordance with ROHS regulations, non-toxic and safe.

Adhesive Tape For TV Panel Bonding

  • 3M 55230H is a non-woven double-sided adhesive, made of an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on both sides of the non-woven fabric, specifications: 1200mm * 50M, can be cut into the required width according to the specific situation, with excellent initial and final adhesive performance. The adhesive strength increases with the contact area of the adhesive and the surface to be bonded.
  • 3M55230H is an easy-to-use general-purpose double-coated adhesive with durability, good temperature resistance, short-term temperature resistance of 120°C, and long-term temperature resistance of 90°C; waterproof, good resilience, and strong adhesion. 3M55230H meets ROHS and PFOS regulations in terms of environmental protection and is suitable for bonding TV panels, nameplates, etc. It can also be used for bonding portable computers, mobile phones, LCD monitors, and other electronic general-purpose materials for bonding.

Adhesive Tape For Refrigerators

  • Ice maker, thermostat, liquid feeder panel fixing
  • Condensation tube, anti-fog tube, frosting unit fixing
  • Reinforcement of weak parts of the liner
  • Sealing of gaps and holes before foaming
  • Protective fixing of wiring harnesses and components

Adhesive Tape For Microwave Ovens

  • Preventing microwave leakage
  • Sealing gaps between stencil and frame
  • Bonding of switches
  • Bonding of microwave oven door operating panels, fixing
  • Fixing of signage
  • Fabrication of membrane switches

Adhesive Tape For Air Conditioning

  • Sealing and fixing of silencing foams
  • Fixing of air conditioning transport component

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