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Adhesive Tape in the refrigerator

Tape is used everywhere in the refrigerator and freezer industry.
  • Fixing nameplates and small parts
  • Mounting displays
  • Fixing vacuum insulation panels
  • Bonding condenser tubes
  • Fixing evaporators
  • Fixing decorative glass; surface protection
  • Transporting shelves and drawers
  • Safe transport of doors
  • Plugging holes
  • Covering gaps,

Fixing Of Nameplates And Decorative Strips

In order to make the installation of small accessories such as nameplates and decorative strips more efficient, neat and effective, double-sided adhesive tapes are routinely used in the industry.
The choice of tape must be resistant to ageing, have high adhesion to all types of metal and plastic, and be easy to die-cut.
  1. The installation of nameplates will no longer be necessary to punch holes in metal or plastic sheets.
  2. When fixing decorative plastic or metal parts to the front door, or even for decorative strips that fill the gaps in recessed appliances, double-sided adhesive tapes are the ideal bonding solution. One of its main advantages is that the tape results in a neat and clean installation process.
Application requirements: long-term adhesion without edge warping; good fit, suitable for all surfaces; appearance in line with design requirements.
Recommended tapes: foam double-sided adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.


When mounting displays, precision and neatness are essential. Matching the display with double-sided tape before use makes for a neater and more efficient installation. These tapes have the advantage of high adhesion to plastics and the flexibility to choose the substrate.
Recommended tapes: substrate-free double-sided tapes, double-sided tapes, etc.

Vacuum Insulation Board Fixing

During the foaming process, it is possible for the PU foam to penetrate into the bond between the vacuum insulation panel and the housing. To avoid this, double-sided adhesive tapes must be used to fix the vacuum insulation panel to the housing. The tape used should have high adhesive strength, and sufficient bonding properties and the release paper should be easy to lift.
Recommended tapes: double-sided tape without base material, foam double-sided tape, etc

Condensation Tube Bonding

For optimum performance, the condensation tubes of refrigerators and freezers must be bonded as close as possible to the housing of the appliance. The highest temperature conductivity can be achieved by using aluminium foil tapes.
Recommended tape: aluminium foil tape

Evaporator fixing

When injecting polyurethane (PU) foam, the foam may seep between the evaporator and the housing. To prevent this, the evaporator can be bonded directly to the back of the polystyrene (PS) housing using double-sided adhesive tape on the entire side.
Application requirements: The tape should have high adhesive strength, guaranteeing no shifting or buckling of the evaporator position during foaming, and sufficient adhesion to metal and polystyrene, with easy removal of the release paper and easy handling.
Starting bonding strength and long-term stable adhesion are very important!
Recommended tapes: non-woven tapes, double-sided tapes.

Decorative glass fixing

Double-sided adhesive tapes allow quick and easy installation of decorative glass panels, enabling intelligent, complex installations that are more aesthetically pleasing than mechanical fixing and even more effective than glue solutions in terms of water resistance. The tapes are available in a wide range of colours and the visco-elastic acrylic material allows for optimal design results. At the same time, the tapes have excellent vibration and noise-damping properties and are strong enough to bond glass, metal and various plastics.
Recommended tapes: substrate-free double-sided tape, foam double-sided tape, cotton double-sided tape, etc.

Surface protection

During assembly, transport or installation, important glass, plastic or painted metal parts may be scratched or soiled. Surface protection tapes can be used temporarily to prevent damage to the parts during these processes. The tapes used must be fully adhesive, resistant to ageing and leave no residue after removal.
Recommended tapes: PE/PVC/PET protective film, protective paper, etc.

Transport protection of doors

When transporting doors, gravity impacts can cause damage to the door components, especially the door hinges. By using strong adhesive tapes to carry part of the load, damage caused by impact and subsequent claims can be avoided.
Application requirements: the tape must be very strong and have a highly stress-resistant base material with good adhesion; in addition, it must ensure that no residual adhesive remains after removal, even at low temperatures; the adhesive must be moderately strong to protect safely without risk of surface damage.
Recommended tapes: MOPP single-item polypropylene tape, glass fibre tape, etc.

Seam coverage

When the foam is injected, there is a risk that the PU foam will be squeezed out through small gaps or bonds. To avoid this, tape for bonding PU foam should be used, covering all seams and joints. In small edges or joints, the tape used should have high adhesive strength, good bonding between the substrate and the PU foam and be hand-tearable.
Recommended tapes: cloth-based tapes etc.

Breathable tape to plug hole

Use breathable tape to plug all the holes in the appliance to prevent the PU foam from being squeezed out when injected at high speed. Breathable tape effectively plugs the holes while maintaining the exclusion of air, ensuring the efficiency and quality of the foam.
Application requirements: the tape uses a highly ventilated substrate to avoid nesting air in the foaming layer; it effectively stops PU spillage from contaminating the case surface; it is highly adhesive to ensure that the tape is safely fixed during foaming; it can also be hand torn or die cut.
Recommended tapes: non-woven tapes, polyurethane tapes, etc.

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