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3M 9713

3M 9713 is an XYZ-axis electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive (CPSA) tape.
This double-sided tape has a conductive nickel-coated carbon scrim carrier. Designed for EMI shielding and grounding applications, enabling devices to meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

It has a good balance of adhesion and conductivity, which is optimal for larger contact areas where high electrical conductivity is not required.
This tape provides excellent workability and easy handling.
This tape provides robust protection against EMI in a range of market segments such as consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices, communication infrastructure, and aerospace & defense electronics.

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3M 9713 Features

  • Thinner adhesive than Tape 9712
  • Isotropic XYZ-axis electrical connectivity
  • Uses Nickel plated carbon scrim (a more conductive scrim)
  • Good contact with both hard and soft surfaces
  • Excellent die-cutting and converting capabilities
  • Can be applied in strips or die-cut to specific shapes & sizes

3M 9713 Applications

  • PCB/flex/chassis grounding
  • Bond line gap shielding
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • EMI shield & gasket attachment
  • Cutting or slitting to the length and width required by the customers
  • Laminate liner or other materials
  • Die cut according to customer's drawing

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