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3M Dual Lock Tape

3M Dual Lock Tape Reclosable Fasteners can replace conventional fasteners, such as screws, clips, rivets, snaps, hooks, and loop and bolts in many applications where access or repositioning is needed.

Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners consist of continuous strips of plastic backing, with tiny plastic mushroom-shaped stems protruding up from the backing strip.

When two pieces of 3M™ Dual Lock™ Low Profile Reclosable Fasteners are pressed together, the “mushroom heads” interlock with one another creating an audible snap, indicating the fastener is engaged. The Dual Lock low-profile reclosable fastener is thinner allowing it to be more flexible than similar reclosable fasteners.

3M Dual Lock Tape Models

  • 3mSJ3550 3mSJ3551 3mSJ3552 3mSJ3540 3mSJ3541 3mSJ3542 3mSJ3560 3mSJ4570.

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