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3M Electric Conduct Tape

Characteristics of 3M conductive tape

3M conductive pure film is designed to help save a lot of time for professional electronic assembly operations – from sticking EMI shield to gasket grounding and bonding FPC and PCB, improving the final performance and reliability of your product.
These pure films with good durability can save screws and mechanical fixings. Once the lighter and denser fabrics and layered foil shielding materials are allowed to be used
Unlike other conductive adhesives that are easy to get dirty and difficult to handle, 3M provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive with advanced bonding and conduction characteristics, which is easy to use. The adhesive tape can be used manually or mechanically and can be stamped into any shape.
Recommended action of 3M conductive adhesive
Shield connection
Electrostatic discharge

3M conductive cloth tape model

Conductive film:3M9720、 7751、9703、9705、9706、9707、9709、9709S、9709SL、9723、9713、9719、9712

Conductive cloth:CEF-1L、CEF-1B、CN-3190,CEF-2、CEF-2B,CEF-3、AU-2190、CEF-8、CN-4190、CEF-6R、CEF-6、7769、9764(Different double sticky)、9780(Different double sticky)

Conductive non-woven fabric:7761、9725、7763、9732、7765

3M conductive tape includes

3M anisotropic conductive film ACF:9703、9705、9706、7303、5303、7393、7379、7371、7376、7378、8794、5363、7313、7396、5552R
3M conductive tape:7761、7763、7765、7769、7805、7810、9725、9740、9764、9830、9780、9719、9712、9713、9708、9709、9709S、9709SL
Among them, 7303 and 5363 are used to connect the soft board to the PCB and between the electrode and the wire, mainly for the assembly of mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, and other digital products, and are used to replace soldering and connectors, etc;

7379 is dedicated to fog LCM module, with good adhesion and continuity;

9713, 9703, and 9705 are used for the connection and bonding of flexible circuit board, printed circuit board, EMI / RFI shield, and gasket;

7761, 7763, 7765, and 7805 are used to connect EMI / RFI shielding cover and gasket bonded to electronic equipment, release static electricity, and paste conductive fiber, foam, and EMI gasket to electrical housing.

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