Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions
PE Foam Tape

3m 9471LE

Excellent bond to low surface energy substrates including powder coatings and plastics such as polypropylene (PP)
High adhesion to metals and high surface energy materials, making it suitable for bonding dissimilar substrates
Adhesive provides excellent holding power and anti-lifting properties
Good resistance to industrial chemicals, consumer chemicals, moisture, and humidity
Ideal solution for general purpose attachment and assemblies of a wide variety of materials
Meets a wide variety of automotive and OEM specifications

3m 9471LE Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Typical Performance Characteristics
90° Peel Adhesion7.8 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion71 oz/in
90° Peel Adhesion7.7 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion70 oz/in
90° Peel Adhesion7.5 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion69 oz/in
90° Peel Adhesion8.2 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion75 oz/in
90° Peel Adhesion8.6 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion79 oz/in
90° Peel Adhesion8.1 N/cm
90° Peel Adhesion74 oz/in
Short Term Temperature Resistance300 °F
Short Term Temperature Resistance149 °C
Long Term Temperature Resistance93 5C
Long Term Temperature Resistance200 °F
Typical Physical Properties
Adhesive Type3M High Strength Acrylic Adhesive 300LSE
Liner58# Polycoated Kraft
Liner Thickness0.102 mm
Total Tape Thickness2.3 mil
Total Tape Thickness0.058 mm
Liner Print300LSE
Liner Thickness4 mil

3m 9471LE Application

  • Consumer electronic device assemblies such as phones, tablets, and wearable devices
  • Industrial electronic device assemblies such as workstations
  • Plastic assembly bonding in a variety of industries
  • Various assemblies in the automotive industry
  • Application and assembly of components on appliances
  • Medical equipment and device fabrication
  • General industrial applications such as trim attachment

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