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3M 7414

3M 7414

3M 7414 is designed for masking or protecting surfaces exposed to high temperatures where easy, residue-free removals are required. In particular, this tape is designed for the reflow soldering process.
3M high temperature & residue-less adhesive technologies and anti-static technology can provide value to customers by enabling product protection and process efficiency.
Our heat resistive polyimide tape series can be used in different applications such as Leadframe masking, PCB masking, sensor package protection, carrier for sputtering, and another high-temperature process, advanced substrate masking.

  • Model No.: 7414
  • Color: Amber
  • Thickness: 1.8mil/0.046mm
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Length: 33m
  • Temperature range: 180 ℃
  • Cutting: Any width
  • Die-cutting: Any shape and any size
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3M 7414 Data Sheet

Adhesion to Copper D-3330, 90° Peel7.7 oz/in width (8.4 N/100 mm)
Backing ThicknessD-3652 1.0 mil (0.025 mm)
Total Tape ThicknessD-3652 1.8 mil (0.046 mm)
Temperature Use Range2 min at 260°C

3M 7414 Features

  • High-temperature resistance up to 260C x few minutes (multiple reflow cycles)
  • Easy removal and no damage to the substrate surface
  • No residue & no staining
  • Die-cut converting process friendly
  • Cleanroom manufacturing
  • The acrylic adhesive leaves no silicone residue
  • Polyethylene tape core instead of cardboard
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction with self-lubricating characteristics
  • Adhesive applied on the back side shows strong adhesion to metals and plastics
  • Leaves virtually no silicone residue
  • Little or no cleaning needed
  • Dimensionally stable high-temperature backing

3M 7414 Applications

  • Masking or protecting residue-sensitive areas on printed circuit boards during high-temperature operations such as wave soldering and solder reflow
  • Slidable application and protection against abrasion for electrical equipment
  • Cutting or slitting to the length and width required by the customers
  • Laminate liner or other materials
  • Die cut according to customer's drawing

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