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3M 4026

3M 4026 is an off-white, 0.0625 in. (1.6 mm) thick, double-coated, open cell urethane foam tape that offers high shear strength. It is ideal for applications such as mounting interior signage and nameplates along with soap dispensers and air fresheners.

3M 4026 Double Coated Urethane Foam Tapes are conformable foams that offer high shear strength with a high temperature holding acrylic adhesive system for bonding to various types of surfaces for mounting, joining, and holding.

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3M 4026 Data Sheet

3MDouble Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4026
The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.
Typical Physical Properties
Adhesive Type100
Adhesive CarrierPolyurethane Foam
Liner Thickness0.08 mm
Liner ColorGreen Plaid
Thickness: Nominal1.6 mm
Thickness Tolerance1.142 to 2.03 mm
Thickness: Nominal62.5 mil
Thickness Tolerance45 to 80 mil
Foam Density290 kg/m³
Foam Density18 lb/ft³
Liner Thickness3 mil
Typical Performance Characteristics
Normal Tensile275 kPa
Normal Tensile40 lb/in²
Tensile Strength1240 kPa
Tensile Strength180 lb/in²
Elongation at Break100%
Short Term Temperature Resistance380 °F
Short Term Temperature Resistance193 °C
Long Term Temperature Resistance104 °C
Long Term Temperature Resistance220 °F
Static Shear2000 g
Static Shear1000 g
Static Shear1000 g
Static Shear750 g
Solvent ResistanceNo apparent degradation when exposed to splash
tests of most hydrocarbon solvents.
UV ResistanceNo apparent degradation when exposed to 7 days in U.V. chamber.
Cold FlexNo cracking when flexed around a 1/4 in (6.4 mm
Available Sizes
NoteSubject to Minimum Order Requirements
Standard Roll Length32.9 m
Standard Roll Length36 yd
Maximum Length91 m
Maximum Length100 yd
Available Width1168 mm
Available Width46 in
Normal Slitting Tolerance±0.8 mm
Normal Slitting Tolerance±1/32 in
Electrical and Thermal Properties
Dielectric Strength8 to 12 V/µm
Thermal Conductivity0.062 W/m/K
Thermal Conductivity0.036 (btu-in)/(h-ft²-°F)

3M 4026 Features

  • Off-white, 0.0625 in. (1.6 mm) open-cell, flexible urethane foam carrier
  • High-shear adhesive with high-temperature resistance
  • Durable foam is ideal for interior mounting applications
  • Ideal for bonding, attaching, and mounting
  • The foam dampens and prevents vibration

3M 4026 Applications

  • General interior and exterior mounting applications where the tape will be protected from the environment
  • Mount interior signs and nameplates
  • Mounting dispensers and air fresheners
  • Bond acoustic panels to walls
  • Attach wire clips to wall surfaces
  • Mount corner protectors
  • Cutting or slitting to the length and width required by the customers
  • Laminate liner or other materials
  • Die cut according to customer's drawing

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