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Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is made of Modified acrylic adhesive directly pressed into a pure adhesive film without substrate tape.

With a good adhesion effect, its unique no substrate technology gives the tape more excellent adaptability and adhesion.

Data Sheet

Transfer Tape Data Sheet

Item UnitDataTest standard
180° peeling force (24mm*150mm) Steel plate(20min)N/24mm≥14NGB_T 2792-2014
180° peeling force (24mm*150mm) Steel plate(24H)N/24mm≥16NGB_T 2792-2014
90° peeling force (24mm*150mm) Steel plate(20min)N/24mm≥10NGB_T 2792-2014
90° peeling force (24mm*150mm) Steel plate(20min)N/24mm≥12NGB_T 2792-2014
Vertical adhesion (24mm*24mm) Steel plate(20min,1kg)H≥72GB/T4851-2014
Temperature resistance (Short time)-20/150/
Temperature resistance(long time)-20/80/

Transfer Tape Structure

Transfer Tape Structure
  • Release Paper
  • Modified Acrylic Adhesive

Transfer Tape Features

  • Good bonding effect
  • No substrate process
  • Excellent adaptability and adhesion

Transfer Tape Applications

  • Metal, plastic, cloth, leather, paper packaging materials, etc
  • LED panel pasting
  • Shockproof foam paste

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