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Filament Strapping Tape

Filament Strapping Tape

Filament strapping tape is made of fiberglass as backing and coated with adhesive double-sided.

  • Color: Clear
  • Liner Color: Yellow
  • Backing: Fiberglass
  • Size:1020mmx50m
  • Thickness: 0.18mm to 0.29mm
Data Sheet

Filament Strapping Tape Data Sheet

Tape No.S12-18S12-19S12-20S12-22S12-23S12-27S12-29
Total Thickness(mm)
Adhesion to Steel (N/100mm)75506585557095
Tensile strength (N/100mm)6800880066004900580092006200
Elongation at break %3

Filament Strapping Tape Structure

Filament Strapping Tape Structure

Filament Strapping Tape Features

  • Easy to peel and no residue
  • Stable
  • High adhesion and extremely strong
  • Stretch resistant
  • Good sealing
  • High temperature resistant
  • Wear and moisture resistant
filament strapping tape for leather paste
filament strapping tape for frame fixed
filament strapping tape for carpet
filament strapping tape for auto industry

Filament Strapping Tape Applications

  • Auto spare parts paste
  • Leather paste
  • Frame furniture fixed
  • Carpet sticking and fixing
  • Electronic components paste
  • Fill material paste
  • The sign paste
  • Billboard paste
  • Metal paste
  • Daily use

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