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Polyimide Epoxy Tape

Polyimide epoxy tape is made by polyimide film with imported epoxy modified glue and laminated with paper liner.

  • Color: Amber | Black | White
  • Material: Polyimide fiml
  • Adhesive: Epoxy
  • Thickness: 0.05mm
  • Width(mm): 250 | 255 | 500
  • Length: 200m
Data Sheet

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Data Sheet

Test Item UnitStandardResult Test way
Color -Matt Blackok Eye
Peel Strengthkgf/cm≥0.900.91-1.13IPC-TM6502.4.9
Resin flowabilitymm0.08-0.180.09-0.16-
Insulation resistanceM.D1.0×10^11-13okJIS-C6471.7.1
dimensional stabilityMD%±0.150.082IPC-TM-6502.2.4
Resistance to immersion welding%300/10secOKIPC-TM6502.4.13
Halide ContentppmBr≤900ok-
Storage conditionsMonthBelow 10 ,<70% RHok-
3 months

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Thickness

Polymide film Thickness um25±1
Epoxy / AD Thicknessum25± 2
Total Thickness um50± 3
Width mm250 /255 /500
Length m200
Appearance Number of splicing ≤3

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Suggested Compression Conditions

 ItemTemperature (℃)Pressure (kgf/cm ² Time
Traditional pressFirst 40~1701045min
Third 170~401030min
     Fast press180100-120Pre pressing for 10s, forming for 100s

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Structure

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Structure

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Features

  • It has excellent adhesion performance, insulation performance, and high-temperature resistance to soldering iron.
  • Low release force, easy to process, stable adhesive overflow, suitable for fast pressure transmission methods

Polyimide Epoxy Tape Applications

  • Cover and protect FPC lines to enhance FPC's bending resistance:
  • Protect the circuit from temperature, humidity, pollution, or corrosive substances;
  • Cover the subsequent surface treatment of FPC;
  • In the subsequent SMT of FPC, it plays a negative welding role
  • The surface bonding insulation of precision electronic hardware components, such as the insulation of battery connectors for computers, handheld devices, etc

Note: All the above data are just for reference, all data might change without notices or updates, please contact our sales team to confirm all details Via Whatsapp or Email.

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