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Tesa 4962

Tesa 4962 is a double-sided non-woven industrial mounting and splicing tape with a highly tackified acrylic adhesive.
The premium non-woven tape is, for instance, used for mounting signs and nameplates or other mounting and high-performance lamination applications.
Tesa 4962 is specially designed to connect flexible materials to one another. The mounting and splicing tape is able to withstand numerous environmental factors such as humidity, UV light, and temperatures of up to 200°C for limited periods of time.
The tackified acrylic adhesive offers excellent hold on various surfaces, very high tack, and good shear strength. The adhesive is coated on a flexible and conformable cellulose non-woven backing that even conforms to difficult 3D shapes.

  • Brand: Tesa
  • Item No.: 4962
  • Thickness: 0.16mm
  • Backing: Non-woven

Tesa 4962 Features

  • Excellent initial tack and peel adhesion
  • Light and aging-resistant acrylic adhesive for long-term applications
  • Very good bonding strength, even to low surface energy materials
  • Outstanding converting and die-cutting properties
  • Highly conformable to follow difficult 3D shapes due to non-woven backing

Tesa 4962 Applications

  • Tesa 4962 is ideally used for industrial mounting, high-performance lamination, and splicing applications
  • Mounting signs, covers, nameplates, and door linings in the automotive industry
  • Laminating insulation materials and foams for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) seals
  • Mounting plastic bags, dispatch bags, continuous stationery, posters, etc.
  • Splicing of paper and film webs

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