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High-temperature Positioning Tape

High-temperature positioning tape Primer coating for double glass module

  • Color: White | Black
  • Thickness: 0.13mm
  • Backing: Pet
  • Long-term temperature resistance: 155℃
  • Short-term temperature resistance:180℃
  • Scope of application: Double glass module
  • Width: Any
  • Length: 50m | 100m | 200m

Storage period

Within 12 months from the date of production

Storage temperature: Temperature 5-30 ℃, humidity 40-60% RH

ItemDataTest standard
tensile strengthMPa)≥50GB/T 30776-2014
180°peel strengthN/mm≥0.2GB/T 2792-2014
Elongation at break(%)≥100GB/T 30776-2014
Interlaminar peeling strengthN/mm≥0.3GB/T 2792-2014

High-temperature Positioning Tape Features

High-temperature positioning tape is a type of film based Base material, coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side Bonding it to the battery cell, on the other side Apply a high weather resistant Primer coating to make it

Bonding with adhesive film, in a 10000-level dust-free workshop Produced with excellent appearance, suitable for positioning and fixing solar module cells.

  • Operating temperature range:-40℃~155℃
  • Maximum operating temperature/time:180℃,30min
  • Produced in a 10000-level dust-free workshop with an excellent appearance
  • Made by coating high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has excellent adhesion strength to the surface of photovoltaic glass
  • The primer coating has good aging resistance and UV resistance, high-temperature resistance, and good adhesion
  • The transparency of the positioning tape and film after hot pressing is higher

High-temperature Positioning Tape Applications

  • Mainly used for positioning and fixing solar module cells in white or black color

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