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PORON MX 48EG is the hardest flame-retardant material intended for heavy products.
In addition to vibration absorption and load resistance, it offers an excellent overall balance of high gripping force and low adhesion.

  • Color: Black
  • Density:480kg/m3 
  • Size(Thickness×Width×Length)
  • 0.8mm 500mm 50M
  • 1.0mm 500mm 50M
  • 1.2mm 500mm 50M
  • 1.5mm 500mm 50M
  • 2.0mm 500mm 50M
  • 3.0mm 500mm 40M
ItemUnitPORON MX-48EGTest Method
Thicknessmm0.8 – 3.0Thickness gauge
Densitykg/m3480RIC method(Based on JIS K 64012011)
Tensile strengthMPa4.58RIC method(Based on JIS K 62512010)
Tensile elongation80RIC method(Based on JIS K 62512010)
Tear strengthN/mm9.7RIC method(Based on JIS K 62522007)
25% Compression Load DeflectionMPa1.26RIC method(Based on JIS K 62542010)
Compression Set<10 .0RIC method(Based on JIS K 64012011)
Friction coefficient-2.8RIC method(Based on JIS K 71251999)
Tensile strength4.58MPa 
Tear strength9.7N/mm 
Size(Thickness×Width×Length) Semi-Standard0.8mm 500mm 50M
Semi-Standard1.0mm 500mm 50M
Made to Order1.2mm 500mm 50M
Semi-Standard1.5mm 500mm 50M
Semi-Standard2.0mm 500mm 50M
Semi-Standard3.0mm 500mm 40M
Standard colorBlack

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