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PORON H-32 is 320kg/m3 density foam.
H is a hard product type in the Standard series. It offers a high physical strength and is used for sealing materials and vibration-damping materials.
This series corresponds to various applications, such as seals, vibration, and shock absorption because of the different densities.

  • Standard color: Black
  • Density:320kg/m3 
  • Tensile strength:1.44MPa 
  • Elongation:155% 
  • Tear strength:3.3N/mm 
  • 25%CLD: 0.14MPa 
  • Compressionset:3.1% 
Data Sheet
TDS Download

PORON H-32 Data Sheet

Density(Test method)320kg/m3 (JIS K 6401)
Tensile strength(Test method)1.44MPa (JIS K 6251)
Elongation(Test method)155% (JIS K 6251)
Tear strength(Test method)3.3N/mm (JIS K 6252)
25%CLD(Test method)0.14MPa (JIS K 6254)
Compression set(Test method)3.1% (JIS K 6401)
Size(Thickness×Width×Length)1.5mm 500mm 50M
2.0mm 500mm 50M
3.0mm 500mm 50M
4.0mm 500mm 40M
5.0mm 500mm 30M
6.0mm 500mm 25M
Standard colorBlack

PORON H-32 Size


  • Standard 1.5mm 500mm 50M
  • Standard 2.0mm 500mm 50M
  • Standard 3.0mm 500mm 50M
  • Standard 4.0mm 500mm 40M
  • Standard 5.0mm 500mm 30M
  • Standard 6.0mm 500mm 25M

PORON H-32 Features

  • Low compression set
    This product has an overwhelmingly low compression set compared with other foaming materials and has a high resiliency against long-term compression. Accordingly, it is widely used as a sealing application such as water-proof and dust seals.

PORON H-32 Applications

  • Electronics FPC board cushioning
  • Audio/Visual Speaker cushioning
  • Electronics FPC holder cushioning
  • Home Appliance Door packing

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