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Polyester tape

  • Polyester tape
  • Polyester Tape
  • Polyester Tape
  • Polyester Tape
  • Polyester Tape

Polyester tape is made of polyester film as the backing and coated with silicone adhesive single-sided or double-sided.

  • Color: Green | Blue | Clear | Red
  • Width: 1070mm | 1040mm
  • Length: 33m | 66m | Custom Length
  • Thickness(mm): 0.06 | 0.08 | 0.09 | 0.1


  • Width
  • Length
  • Core material and diameter
  • Package
Data Sheet
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Polyester tape Data Sheet

PET Silicone Tape No.S02-04S02-05(25)S02-05(38)S02-055(25)S02-055(38)S02-06S02-08(50)S02-08(60)S02-09S02-10(50)S02-10(75)
Backing Thick (mm)0.0250.0250.0380.0250.0380.0380.
Total Thick (mm)
Adhesion to Steel (N/inch) 7868.5788.57.59128
Tensile Strength (N/25MM)≥135
ColorDark Green | Light Greem | Red & Blue | Clear
Resist Temperature180
Withstand voltage (KV)4-5

Polyester tape Structure

olyester Tape Structure

This tape is made of PET film coated with silicone glue.

  • Liner(Optional)
  • Adhesive: Silicone glue
  • Backing: Polyester(PET) film

Polyester tape Features

  • Polyester films offer excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance while maintaining their flexibility.
  • The green color makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal.
  • The backing leaves a sharp paint line.
  • The lined version is available for die-cuts.
  • Silicone adhesives offer high heat resistance compared to many rubber and acrylic adhesives, reducing failure due to softening, oozing, and adhesive transfer.
  • Silicone adhesives adhere well to tough-to-stick-to surfaces like silicone liners and fixtures coated with mold release.
  • Silicone adhesive removes cleanly from many surfaces.

Polyester tape Applications

  • Masking for powder coat paint.
  • Masking for 3D printer
  • Holding and splicing are difficult to stick to surfaces such as silicone liners.
  • Glass edge protection/metal surface protection
Polyester TapeLength(m)33 / 6650 / 100/ 200 / 300 / 3000 / customized
Core MaterialPlasticPaper / Printed Paper
Core diameter(mm)7625 / 32 / 38
PackagePP bag / CTNColor Box / White Box / Retail packaging / Display

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