Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions



S03-08P is PTFE / polytetrafluoroethylene Film coated with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.

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3M 69

3M Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 69 is a white, 7-mil (0.178 mm) thick tape composed of a 5-mil (0.127 mm) glass cloth backing coated on one side with a non-corrosive, high-temperature, flame retardant, thermosetting silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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3M Glass cloth tape 361

3M Glass Cloth Tape 361 is coated with a silicone adhesive for many applications requiring high-temperature resistance, high adhesion, and a very strong, abrasionresistant backing.

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3M 79 White Glass Cloth With Acrylic Adhesive

3M 79 Tape is a white glass cloth with an electrical grade acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Protect Film

The product is low viscosity protective film and suitable for surface protection of high-end electronic sheets of the light guide plate. The glue is anti-static.

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Crepe paper masking tape

This tape is made of crepe paper as backing and coated with acrylic adhesive single-sided.

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SY-2000 is a skived PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film.

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Masking tape

Masking tape SY-0821 is made of washi paper as the backing and coated with acrylic adhesive single-sided.
It is a general-purpose paper tape.

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Rubber Sponge

Rubber sponge SY-6040F is the closed cell rubber sponge, and it passes flame resist UL94V-0.

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