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Longhua PC-813/PC-813F/PC-815

LonghuaPC-813/813F/815 printing series film and sheet can provide various texture surfaces, and the printing effect is beautiful.
It is specially used for display signs of LED equipment.
LonghuaPC-813 is widely used in automobile instrument panel with strict quality control.

Item Color Surface texture Thickness(mm)Width(mm)
Longhua PC-813Natural colorSmooth/matte0.1250.500930 or1230
(0.005〞~0.020)(3′or 4′)
Longhua PC-813FSmooth/semi-matte0.1751.500
Longhua PC-815Smooth/medium sand(0.007〞~0.060)
CharacteristicTest MethodUnitData
ProportionASTM D792g/cm31.2
TransmittanceASTM D1003%89
Yellow indexASTM D19251.0
Average water absorption (24 HRS)ASTM D570%0.35
Tensile strengthASTM D882psi8,500
Elongation at breakASTM D882%90
Impact strength( 10mils)JIS-K6745In-lbs120
T Tear strength TASTM D1922g/mil30
Folding times (MIT)0.25mmASTM D2176-69double folds60
0.5mmASTM D2176-69double folds20
resist temperature
Vicat softening pointASTM D1525-00160
Modified B
ISO 306149
Thermal deformation temperatureISO 75 Modified142
(135) Heat shrinkageASTM D1204%<0.2
Dielectric strength(10mils)ASTM D149V/mil1,700
Bulk insulation(25,50%RH)ASTM D257Ohm-cm1016
Surface insulation (25,50%RH)ASTM D257Ω/□1015
Flame retardancy
UL fire rating
≥0.5mmUL BULLETIN 94UL94V-2
0.25mm≤@0.5mm V-2

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