Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions

Insulation Tape

ADHTAPES Insulation tape is an electrical insulation tape for industrial use. Consists of a base material and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.

The backing is glass cloth, polyester film, or Acetate fabric. The adhesive is acrylic or rubber. Good adhesion and excellent insulating properties.

Insulation tape has good insulation and pressure resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, and other characteristics, suitable for wire splicing, electrical insulation, and heat insulation protection.

Insulation Tapes

Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth tape with imported glass cloth as the basic carrier, and coated with silicone adhesive.

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Glass cloth electrical tape

Glass cloth electrical tape is made of imported fiberglass fabric as backing and coated with acrylic.

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Mylar Tape

Single-sided mylar tape is made of polyester film coated with Acrylic.

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Acetate Cloth Tape

Acetate Cloth Tape is an insulating tape made from acetate fabric coated with a rubber adhesive or acrylic.

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Wire Harness Tape

Wire Harness Tape is made of flannelette or polyester cloth as the base material and coated with synthetic rubber on one side.

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