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HT 870

  • Rogers BISCO HT-870 Soft Cellular Silicone is a firmer, denser version of our HT-870 Silicone and offers the ability to seal and cushion within a wide range of applications.
  • BISCO HT-870 Soft Cellular Silicone is ideal for sealing outdoor enclosures, protecting electronics from shock and heat, and providing cushioning and vibration isolation.
  • With excellent memory and low-stress relaxation, HT-870 silicone reduces maintenance costs from gasket failures caused by compression set and softening.
  • Its extra softness allows designers to use less force to seal enclosures while still protecting devices from the environment.
  • We can laminate Poron foam with double-sided tape such as 3M 468MP /3M 467MP/3M 9448A/ Tesa 4962 to be with single-side adhesive, and customs it or die-cut to the shape you need.
  • Once we have the design, will open the mold and do as required.


HT 870 Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

ColorVisualBlack, Red
Thickness, mm (inches)Internal1.59 - 12.70
(0.063 - 0.500)
Density, kg/m³ (lb./ft³)Internal240
Compression Force Deflection, kPa (psi)ASTM D105626
Compression Set, %ASTM D1056 100°C (212°F) / 22 hrs / 50%1.6
Water Absorption, %Internal
2" below water surface / 24 hrs /
change in weight
Temperature Range, °C (°F)Internal-55 to +200
(-67 to +392)
Thermal Conductivity, W/m °K ASTM D5180.06
Low Temperature FlexASTM D1056
-55°C (-67°F) / 5 hrs
Low Temperature BrittlenessASTM D746
-55°C (-67°F) / 3 min
mm (inches)mm (inches)
± 0.508
(± 0.020)
± 0.508
(± 0.020)
± 0.635
(± 0.025)
± 0.635
(± 0.025)
± 0.762
(± 0.030)
± 1.143
(± 0.045)
± 1.270
(± 0.050)

HT 870 Features

  • Available in thicknesses from 0.063 to 0.500 in.
  • The typical density of 15 PCF
  • CFD range of 2-7 PSI
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, extreme temperatures, and flame
  • Available with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or two sides, allowing easy surface application
  • Highly adaptable to various environments
  • The softness allows protective seals that use less force
  • High compressibility enables the material to conform to variable width gaps, allowing greater design flexibility
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with gasket failures due to compression set and softening

HT 870 Application

Cold supply chain

  1. High-performing, diverse material solutions for various elements of the cold supply chain.
  2. Rogers offers a broad range of materials that preserve and protect sensitive products at a multitude of temperature levels throughout the cold storage supply chain.
  3. Rogers materials perform exceptionally well at standard equipment temperatures, from refrigerated (2° C to 8°C) to the freezer (-10°C to -25°C), to the ultra-low freezer (-70°C to -90°C), to liquid- or vapor-phase nitrogen (-135°C to -196°C) with no compromise of mechanical properties.


Gap filling

  • Filling gaps due to manufacturing or environmental variances require flexible materials that maintain the consistent force for a reliable seal.
  • Across a wide variety of applications, both PORON® Urethane and BISCO® Silicone foams offer the Compression Set Resistance (C-set) to maintain reliable pressure force to fill and seal gaps consistently, withstanding collapse caused by the stresses of compression and temperature over time.
  • These superior gap filler foams are flexible yet reliable, offering long-term durability to fill gaps caused by variations in manufacturing tolerances or environmental changes that may occur in a broad range of operating conditions.

LCD Gaskets

  1. Rogers offers a portfolio of thin, soft LCD Gasket solutions to seal and protect displays in TVs, monitors, tablets, and laptops.

  2. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) in display systems including large-screen televisions, computer monitors, laptops mobile phones, and other portable devices require protection and long-term performance of these are important and delicate LCDs.

  3. Display LCDs require cushioning, sealing, spacers, and grips to seal out dust and particulate matter, manage damaging impact energy to sensitive components, and keep the glass in place.

Gasketing & Sealing

  1. Reliable gaskets and seals must withstand challenging conditions and industry standards.
  2. For successful sealing in enclosure and gasket design, material selection is critical.
  3. A gasket’s primary task is to protect components and prevent failures and unplanned maintenance.
  4. Compressibility, environmental exposure, sealing effectiveness, and specifications should be considered when selecting a material for gasket seal design.
  5. Effective sealing and gasketing materials must be able to withstand the effects of compression, manage damaging impact energy and seal out dust and particulate matter.
  6. Rogers offers a portfolio of high-performance sealing and gasketing solutions that are highly compressible and conformable while resisting compression and stress relaxation.
  7. These unique materials effectively seal out dust, water, and other contaminants for the life of the product.


Shock Absorption

  • Protection for consumers and devices.
  • When a device, a system, or even the human body is subjected to mechanical shocks such as a drop or a bump, the result can be fractures, mechanical failure, or personal injury.
  • Protection in the area of shock absorption can be achieved via the use of high-performance, lightweight materials to isolate impact and damp vibration.
  • PORON® polyurethane and BISCO® silicone materials continue to prove to be the best shock absorbing materials when flexible cushioning is needed.
    Both have a unique open cell structure that provides excellent resistance to compression set (collapse) and delivers superior shock absorption, impact protection, high resiliency, and vibration damping.
  • Rogers’ broad portfolio of shock-absorbing foams offers an array of solutions developed specifically for protecting components in industrial, electronic, and transportation applications, and protecting consumers in medical, footwear, and other wearable applications.

Vibration Management

  1. Rogers offers a broad portfolio of options for vibration isolation, vibration damping, and noise abatement.
    Vibration management is a key factor in the design of products for transportation, consumer goods, and industrial markets.
  2. Vibration can be both a source of annoying noise and the cause of damage to delicate components.
    Rogers’ Elastomeric Material Solutions are proven to address noise and vibration for critical applications.PORON® Polyurethane (including PORON® VXT™ Vibration Isolation materials) and BISCO® Silicone foams are highly resilient elastomers ideal for use as vibration isolators.
  3. These unique materials provide excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), and exhibit high resiliency, good vibration damping, and impact absorption.
  4. The foams can deflect vibrations over long periods of time while experiencing only minimal changes in stiffness due to stress relaxation.
  5. Their stability in a wide range of environments makes than ideal candidates for vibration isolators in a wide range of applications.
  6. In addition, ARLON Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes bond irreversibly to dampen vibration while providing an insulative barrier that is resistant to moisture.

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