Adhesive Tape Materials And Whole Set Solutions

High Temperature Tape

Adhtapes High-temperature tape is a kind of adhesive tape that can be used in high-temperature environments. Temperature resistance is usually between 120℃ to 280℃. Some can even reach up to 800 ℃.

High-temperature tapes play a major role in many industries due to their ability to operate and work in high-temperature environments for long periods of time. Commonly used for spray painting, baking leather processing, painting masking and fixing in the electronic parts process, printed circuit board, and high-temperature processing masking.

High Temperature Tape Temperature Range

Product NameItem No.Temperature resistance
Kapton TapeS01-73℃-280℃
PET Silicone TapeS02180℃
Teflon TapeS03-60℃-260℃
Plasma TapeS19260℃ (Long time)
800℃ (Instantaneous)
Glass Cloth TapeS18-10–280 ℃
Mylar TapeS14130℃

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